Top Design Features To Consider For A Sunroom Addition Monroe North Carolina

If you are thinking of building a sunroom addition in Monroe North Carolina you should strongly consider a number of design features that can enhance your home and your new sunroom. While most local contractors can come up with some excellent ideas for building the perfect sunroom, sometimes these inspiring design features can help you communicate some new ideas or get exactly what you want out of the addition.

Here are some of the top design Top Design Features To Consider For A Sunroom Addition Monroe North Carolina

A layout ideal for seating: A great sunroom actually acts as a second living room for your home. With the help of some contemporary furniture tattoos you can have a beautiful space for reading, relaxing and entertaining. With the right layout and electrical outlets you could have enough room for some wonderful lighting, contemporary furniture and more.

Monroe room addition photoBuilding space for multiple purposes: including a wraparound bench seat at the end of your sunroom and a table for dining will give your sunroom plenty of space for multiple purposes. If you can include an area for both dining as well as an area for leisure time, you can enjoy more out of your sunroom.

Adding environmental controls: a sunroom works pretty well at regulating its own hot and cool air. Adding in a ceiling fan however can give you more control on a warmer day and adding in a small fireplace or a space for an electric fireplace could really help you to regulate the heat at night when it gets colder. Remember to have at least some type of temperature regulation so that you can enjoy your sunroom for a longer amount of time.

Privacy: I sunroom often has plenty of area that is just windowed space. The problem with a room that’s filled with so many Windows is that it can often lead to concerns with privacy. Adding in some window shades can not only help you to regulate the temperature in the room but it also ensures that you can have a little more privacy in your sunroom when you need it. Privacy shades are also ideal for blocking out some of the sun’s glare during the mid afternoon and evening. Incorporating spots for privacy shades with your sunroom is an ideal choice for any design.

Room for nature: A sunroom offers you a unique space for growing plants in your home. With a beautiful transitional space for your home it’s possible that a sunroom can act as an ideal spot for potted plants, small indoor gardens and more. Remember to keep a small area in your sunroom that might be ideal for potted plants. Some people even like to consider putting in their sunroom near a spot with a hose outlet so that it’s easy to fill up water for the plants.

Home office set up: a third function that you’re sunroom could take on is a brand-new home office for your needs or the needs of a professional working in your home. Make sure that your licensed contractor concentrates on a comfortable space with ample access to Wi-Fi and a view that will inspire you as you work from home.

Flooring: flooring is a big element of the sunroom design and adding textures as well as moisture resistant flooring in your sunroom can be an excellent idea. Area rugs on top of sealed concrete or stone can make for a wonderful textured look as well as give you some extra warmth for the furniture that you set up.

Keep some of these inspirations in mind for your top design features to consider for a sunroom addition in Monroe North Carolina